Saturday, 20 June 2009

The City Pillar Shrine

Towards the southern end of Sanam Luang is the 'Lak Muang' or City Pillar. Erected by King Rama I in 1782 to mark the foundation of the new capital, this gilded wooden pillar (made from a Chaiyapruk Tree) represents the official center of Bangkok. It is within this shrine that thecity's guardian deity, Phra Sayam Thewathirat, resides and from which the city derives its power.
Many Thais believe their wishes will be granted if they worship at the shrine. It is particularly noted for its powers to grant fertility to those who make offerings of pig heads and incense at the shrine. Lak Muang is open daily and no admission fee is required. The shrine is a good place to see Thai classical dance. (source;


Jacob said...

Golden and gorgeous!

Hilda said...

The shrine is almost as ornate as the room! Amazing.