Sunday, 12 July 2009

Make a wish


Hilda said...

Beautiful night shot! You make this spot look so exciting! And I love how you caught that one star.

If it's anything like Manila though, then it's chaotic in reality ;)

Chin said...

Thanks for your comment Hilda.
I think it's a trick of light. :P

Chin said...

Actually,when i saw this photo at first time i think it's peculiar!!!
because it has nothing in the sky.

First,i think may be lens is durty so i'm clean up my lens and shot it again in the same angle and change a position.

The result is when i shot in the same angle (that you seen) it' appear a spot which look like a star and when i change angle it's appear two and three spots in the photo
so i assume that i'm in the right position to make a star (spot) in this photo because there are 3 spotlights in front of me and my camera have a filter...(enough to make a star)

may be i would change title from "make a wish" as "a trick of light".:)

BeachILike said...

Beautiful light :)

istanbuldailyphoto said...

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