Saturday, 12 September 2009

@Had Yai

Last Monday,I went to Hai Yai by train.Hat Yai is a city in southern Thailand near the boundary to Malaysia.


arabesque said...

i'm curious about this place... how far is it from b.k going to h.yai? ^-^
just read your profile that you'll be moving to a place near the border of malaysia... hope you can still continue blogging after that...^0^

BeachILike said...

How long you will be staying in Songkhla?

Is that your hometown? Or just for working.

Chin said...

Sorry for the belated answer.
I got too busy after I went to Songkhla.

Next month I will move to stay in Songkhal for working there.

Arabesque :
Songkhla far away from BKK around 950 kms. and I hope I can keep posting this blog

BeachILike :
My hometome is in Saraburi province ja

J.C. said...

Did you try the grilled chicken wings sold at the train station in Hat Yai? It's our favourites when we travelled in Thailand by train. We always come down from the train to hunt for the chicken wing vendor.