Tuesday, 1 September 2009

September Theme Day : Big/The Giant Swing (Sao Ching Cha)

(The Giant Swing are used as a symbol of Bangkok city)

Today is theme day in the City Daily Photo community, so I choose the big or giant swing to share with us. : )
Admiration this giant swing is one of 10 activities not to be missed in the Rattanakosin Island.

The Giant Swing (Thai: เสาชิงช้า, Sao Ching Cha) is a religious structure in Bangkok, Thailand, Phra Nakhon district, located in front of Wat Suthat temple. It was formerly used an old Brahmin ceremony, and is one of Bangkok's tourist attractions.


Hyde DP said...

a big swing - well i never.

Sally said...

I guess you don't have to be a giant to have a ride....!

BeachILike said...

Beautiful angle!

Leif Hagen said...

That's a BIG swing! A HUGE swing! BIG idea for theme day, Chin!

Hilda said...

It's big alright, but I don't quite get it. How does it swing?

Its ornate details are lovely though, and so is the temple.

BeachILike said...

I can give you some idea, in the old time we have ceremony and put the rop with that wooden..have have it swing with people on it.

That Gian Swing just the standing base.. now, no more that sort of ceremony..only stand left but people still call Giant Swing.